Simple ways to manage behaviors at home

Understand that your child’s behavior is a way they communicate with you. In addition of telling your child that their behavior is not acceptable, you need to show or tell them what is then the acceptable behavior.

Setting Up for Online Learning at Home

Confidence comes from willingness to do new methods and being persistent until you see the results. This pandemic has given us the opportunity to learn from the professionals at our home, in our setting and environment.

Thank you 2020, Welcome 2021!

We wish to be able to support more families in their journey and bring greater impact to our community in creating a loving and supportive environment for every one.

Art as Communication Tool

Art is a great tool to support a child’s development – physically, emotionally and cognitively. Drawing allows them to express their emotions, practice independence and build their confidence.

Psychological Tests and Assessments

Psychologists put a lot of effort into figuring out ways to understand the main cause of dysfunctional behaviors, hence finding out ways to contribute and help improve for their clients.